"I got no words to describe this beautiful moment. To all the guys. We ride. We stop. We sleep. We drink. We eat. We shit. We laugh. We smoke. We break. We speed up. We leaned. We care. We listen. We obey. We motivate. We smile. We respect. We compromise. WE SUCCEED." HAMKA...BMW

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Step by step, MMC under the program of METAL BUTT moved forward in creating a new milestone in Malaysia motorcycle scenario. To be the first & leads in motorcycle events & activities, Zainol Rizal Zainal with his motorcycle(ZR-Zorro), was created a new record & it also a new World Record (The Greatest distance in 24hours on motorcycle).the previous distance 2,069km and with the NEW WORLD RECORD 2,104km in 24hours.

The niche of the ride, ZR-Zorro was flagoff from Phuket, Thailand, traveled all the way to Singapore & returned to Kuala Lumpur.He arrived at Kuala Lumpur , 06:40 before interviewed by TV station. Congratulation.....

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Ride a Motorcycle 1000 Miles in 24 Hours

Plan your route. Choose roads that allow for higher speeds, such as interstates or major highways. Try to avoid going through too many stop signs or traffic lights, because they will slow you down. You can plan a loop route that begins and ends at the same place, or a one-way route. Know your bike's touring range (how many miles between fillups) and make sure you'll be able to buy gas when you need it. Many riders use trip planning software such as MS Streets and Trips, because it calculates distances and has gas station information. However this is not necessary, and it can certainly be done old-school with paper maps. Account for time of day: Avoid big cities during rush hour, avoid deer-infested forests at night.

Prepare your motorcycle. Your tires should have enough tread to complete the ride, and be properly inflated. Your riding position should be comfortable for long periods. A relatively upright position is best, though people have done this ride on racer-type bikes or ape-hanger'd cruisers. You should have a way to rest your throttle hand, either a cruise control, throttle lock, or wrist rest. Verify that your lights work, because you'll need them.

Have the right personal equipment. Besides the standard safety gear like helmet and boots, you'll need to be prepared for varying weather. This means layered clothes and a rain suit. It will be very helpful to have earplugs, because all that wind noise can be very fatiguing over a long period.

Have a way to stay hydrated. Many people have a Camelback, but you can rig up any type of container with a drink hose so you can drink while underway. Pack snacks for the road. You can eat energy bars or beef jerky while moving.

"Plan your ride and ride your plan." Now that you've prepared, go out and do it. Enjoy the trip!