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Saturday, December 4, 2010


IBA said about Metal Butt Endurance "Congratulations on a great ride! You should be very proud what you have put together!

Yes, everything seems very organized! I see Mika had trouble staying awake, was that a big problem? Here in the US some rides do start at night, but rides most start at 7 am (food is usually ready at the start line to grab while everyone signs out) because a lot of people can finish the ride by 1 am and it is not so hard on them sleep wise because they got sleep night before - it is something to think about

In August 2010, 2 riders took on the challenge by MMC and completed the endurance ride on a 200cc scooter and another on a 650 superbike. This prooves that the ride is do-able for almost every category of motorcycle in Malaysia.

The endurance challenge, proudly named "METAL BUTT SOUTH EAST ASIA ENDURANCE 2010” adapted from the United States Of America's program called - Saddle Sore 1000 with similar objectives and regulations organized by Iron Butt Association (IBA) with safety to man and machine held in high context, the METAL BUTT SOUTH EAST ASIA ENDURANCE 2010 will test both the physical capabilty of the rider and the mechanical capacity of the motorcycle during the 24 hour ride throughout the 1000 miles journey.

After the inaugural test run in August, there have been numerous request for the challenge to be official and after much negotiations with IBA, MMC shall be organizing the first official METAL BUTT SOUTH EAST ASIA ENDURANCE 2010 with the collaboration with Iron Butt Association of America scheduled to be held in November 2010.

While having to complete the entire 1000 miles under the specified 24 hour time frame is the goal, safety is of the utmost importance .Every aspect of safety (both to the rider and the machine) is thoroughly scrutinized by the oganizer.

The Metal Butt Endurance Challenge is targeted to all motorcyclist. It is indeed a safe and interesting way to curb many ill activities such as rempit, illegal racing and many other demoral actitivies which is currently the nation's dillema among the young generations.

Since the Metal Butt Endurance is NOT a race, it is a good training for everyone taking part with the compliance of regulations, preparations of body and machine, planning and executing the itenary, detailing every fuel stop and detailing the record(s) along the route to ensure the challenge is executed professionally and safely. Among other interesting facts exercized are :
>Participants are given specific ride route to follow.
>No Ride Marshalls are provided to navigate the participants.
>Interesting ride route with many corners and maneuvers.
>Unpredictable weather and road conditions along the route.
>Witness at every fuel stop and various locations.

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